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Schedule: 11:00 - 23:00
Kyiv, str. Vasylkovska, 36
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Georgian House Georgian restaurant in Kiev

Georgian restaurant in Kiev

Georgian House

If you are a true connoisseur of Georgian cuisine, then be sure to visit Georgian house in Kiev.This place is saturated with the atmosphere of colorful and saturated Georgia. It is here that you can enjoy the classic dishes of this country.

Georgian house restaurant in Kiev - This is a great place for a family dinner, a romantic evening with your loved one and a good time with friends.

Restaurant features
Every guest of the restaurant can evaluate the nature of the restaurant from the doorway. Neat furniture, subtle colors of the interior and decor element allow you to dissolve in a surprisingly cozy and comfortable restaurant. Notes of solitude and tranquility allow you to get a real aesthetic pleasure from oriental delicacies. The friendly and friendly staff is always ready to fulfill the wishes of our guests, create comfortable conditions for their relaxation, provide the necessary assistance. The neat look and always good mood of the waiters once again emphasize the professionalism and high service of the service in the Georgian House.

Highly skilled chefs masterly create real masterpieces of Georgian cuisine, they are able to accurately convey all the riot of tastes and aromas, emphasize notes of spices and oriental seasonings.

In our restaurant everyone can find a dish to their liking. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners surprise and amaze with their variety and great taste. In the restaurant menu you can choose:

1. Varied first courses.
2. Side dishes.
3. Deli meats.
4. Delicious salads.
5. Various slices.
6. Meat dishes at the stake.
7. Vegetable Goodies.
8. Appetizing Baking.
9. Delicate and light desserts.
10. National drinks and much more.

The presentation of dishes is filled with the specifics of a mountainous country. You will definitely feel the light presence of basil, coriander, fennel and other natural seasonings. Gourmet sauces perfectly emphasize the natural taste of food, leaving behind an unforgettable aftertaste.

For those adherents of true Georgian cuisine who express a desire to have lunch or dinner at home,  Georgian house in Kiev offers delivery . The order arrives as soon as possible, the dishes are always fresh and hot. The appearance of dishes, their taste, smell and ingredients are no different from those that cooks cook for ordering in a restaurant. Therefore, nothing can prevent you from enjoying a delicious and satisfying meal in a comfortable home environment.

We are always happy to welcome guests and always gather a lot of visitors, therefore, if you are planning some kind of special event with a large number of guests or want to be sure that the table you like will be free, you can always make a reservation. Contact the administration of the restaurant, and by your arrival the table will be decorated, a neat and beautiful serving will be done and an aperitif prepared.

See you at the traditional Georgian House ! We have prepared for you gastronomic masterpieces and the best service in Kiev.