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Schedule: 11:00 - 23:00
Kyiv, str. Vasylkovska, 36
Delivery and booking:
roasted chicken offal (liver and heart) with walnut sauce, cilantro and pomegranate
145  UAH.
pasta bean, lemon fresh, olive oil, spices
79  UAH.
Salad with grilled vegetables
eggplants, zucchini, mushrooms, bell pepper, baked on a grill, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, oil
125  UAH.
Caesar chicken
chicken fillet grill, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, iceberg salas, lettuce, parmesan, caesar sauce
140  UAH.
Tomato salad with herbs
Tomato salad with herbs, onions and feta cheese
115  UAH.
Tiger prawns salad
salad mix, tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes, avocado, parmesan, cucumber slices, pumpkin seeds
265  UAH.
Roast beef salad
salad mix, grilled roast beef, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell pepper
180  UAH.
Salad with marinated salmon
salmon fillet, cherry tomatoes bell pepper, lettuce, pumpkin seeds with pesto sauce
185  UAH.

Georgian restaurant in Kiev
Georgian House

Georgian House is a Georgian restaurant with a Georgian character and soul in the very center of our capital metro station. Leo Tolstoy, st. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya 36 (the old name of the street isKrasnoarmeyskaya 36).

Here all the secrets of traditional Georgian dishes are collected and reproduced by the hands of the best chefs so that every guest at least for some time feels the atmosphere of Georgia. The doors of the Georgian House have been open since April 2016, but we have already won the hearts of many visitors.

The Georgian house is, first of all, a tasty, inexpensive, family-run Georgian restaurant for people who value comfort, taste and quality. The philosophy of the Georgian restaurant is built on these three pillars - delicious Georgian dishes, quality service and a cozy atmosphere.


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Georgian food delivery
in Kiev for free!

If you appreciate quality, tasty, fresh Georgian cuisine, then be sure to try the dishes of the Georgian House. Naturally, the modern pace of our life does not always allow us to personally visit our cozy restaurant. It is for such situations that we provide the delivery of Georgian cuisine in Kiev.

Delivery services are often used by participants in various trainings, courses and other events that simply do not have the opportunity to leave the training processes for a long time. Office workers also like to treat themselves to delicious during business lunches.

Our customers choose completely different goodies. We offer a wide selection of first courses, a variety of side dishes, juicy salads, cooking. Sauces and more. Such a wide assortment will certainly appeal to even the most spoiled critic.


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Georgian restaurant

A bright spacious hall, designer furniture and exquisitely laid tables that await their guests - this is the first time you will see when you go to the doorstep of the Georgian restaurant Georgian House.

There are two halls so you can choose where you better enjoy delicious dishes - on the ground floor by the window you can watch the street of your favorite city, here, before your eyes, the cook sculpts khinkali, and next to it in a traditional Georgian oven, a tandoor is born bread of the Georgian House.

On the floor below we have a smaller room, with a fireplace and a special atmosphere of privacy and romance. The Georgian restaurant Georgian House has 19 tables and can accommodate about 100 people at a time.


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