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Kyiv, str. Vasylkovska, 36
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Delivery of Georgian cuisine in Kiev from Georgian House

Delivery of Georgian cuisine in Kiev

Delivery of Georgian cuisine in Kiev

It’s no secret that the easiest and most affordable way to have fun is to taste truly delicious food. We invite our dear guests to Georgian restaurant in the center of Kiev. It is here that truly gastronomic masterpieces of exquisite Georgian cuisine await you.

Facility Features
Georgian Restaurant  for a long period already pleases its visitors with quality and delicious dishes. Having crossed the threshold of our establishment, everyone can feel the color of the unsurpassed and colorful Georgia . The cozy room is decorated with specific traditional decorations, refined and elegant furniture helps to create an atmosphere of privacy and tranquility. The main concept of the restaurant is to create maximum comfort for each guest. The interior of the restaurant is specially chosen so that visitors do not interfere with each other and enjoy the spaciousness and tranquility.

Service staff Georgian restaurant in Kiev - This is a team of professionals. The waiters are always polite and attentive, they are ready to take into account the wishes of the guests and create all conditions for a pleasant pastime in our establishment. You can easily turn to them with any request and they will promptly fulfill your small whims.

In modern kitchens, experienced graduated chefs create their masterpieces. They know from their own experience exactly what real Georgian cuisine should be. Cooking takes into account all the necessary norms and rules. Orders are prepared quickly and delight with their unforgettable taste and aroma. The presentation of dishes will not leave indifferent even the most spoiled criticism. These are truly magnificent paintings of culinary art.

Restaurant menu
Georgian House invites residents and visitors to taste the delicious delicacies of a beautiful mountainous country. Here everyone can find a dish for themselves. The menu contains constant and seasonal dishes. We offer:

1. A variety of national first courses.
2. Side dishes.
3. Juicy European salads.
4. Cold and hot snacks.
5. Meat masterpieces.
6. Meat on an open fire.
7. Grilled vegetables.
8. Various sauces.
9. Refreshing and noble drinks.

And this is not the whole list of dishes.

The features of Georgian cuisine are considered to be a successful combination of different products and rich natural seasonings, fragrant herbs and secret components that help to feel the real taste of food. You should definitely try the sauces. They emphasize the character of the dish and leave a pleasant aftertaste.

We offer you to try a variety of drinks, cocktails and, of course, real Georgian wines and cognacs with long aging.

Inexpensive Georgian cuisine in Kiev is a great opportunity to pamper yourself and your loved ones with fragrant goodies. For those who prefer to eat food in the familiar home environment, we have prepared a convenient and efficient service. Georgian food delivery.