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Where to eat khinkali in Kiev

Where to eat khinkali in Kiev

Where to eat khinkali in Kiev

If you are a true connoisseur of delicious and quality food, prefer only freshly prepared food, love Georgian cuisine, then we suggest visiting our highly professional restaurant. It is here that you can fully satisfy your gastronomic desires, eat with appetite, tasty and satisfying.

Advantages of Georgian cuisine restaurant
Probably, many different places of public catering offer their customers dishes of Georgian cuisine , however, can anyone guarantee their integrity and quality? Specialized  restaurant Georgian House always glad to guests and offers the most comfortable and favorable conditions for your vacation:

1. The restaurant chain is located in different parts of the city and you decide which one you’ll go to today.
2. Cozy and quiet rooms have a calm and peaceful pastime.
3. The chic interior and exquisite decor elements will help each of our guests to feel the full flavor and beauty of enchanting Georgia.
4. In the professional kitchen are highly qualified, certified cooks.
5. All food products used are purchased daily and have appropriate quality certificates.
6. Dishes of Georgian cuisine are surprisingly tasty, fragrant and hearty.
7. We offer delivery service.
8. Prices are always affordable for all our visitors.

Today, classic Georgian delicacies are gaining more and more popularity. If you do not have the opportunity to personally visit our restaurant, we offerKhinkali delivery in Kiev. This unique traditional dish will help you fully experience all the features of Georgian cuisine . Juicy, aromatic and delicious khinkali smell of a variety of herbs and natural spices. Such food is not only very tasty, but also very satisfying.

Khinkali from Georgian House  You can order for a family lunch or dinner, treat your friends and relatives with delicious food, or you can get a real gastronomic pleasure from the meal. The city delivery service is often used by office employees, participants in various trainings, courses, and other events. They simply do not have the physical ability to visit our institution. Especially for them, a delivery service has been created. Dishes are fully consistent with restaurant orders for ingredients and appearance. You always get your order as soon as possible and the food is necessarily hot and tasty.

You can get any additional information, advice, assistance in arranging delivery or booking a table from the administration   Georgian House. You can contact competent employees at the indicated  contact numbersor by correspondence on the official website.

We are always glad to welcome guests and strive to create the most comfortable and favorable conditions so that you fully enjoy the real Georgian cuisine. come in person or arrange convenient and fast delivery of high-quality and delicious Georgian cuisine.