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Schedule: 11:00 - 23:00
Kyiv, str. Vasylkovska, 36
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Georgian House - Georgian restaurant in Kiev

Georgian House

Georgian House - Georgian cuisine restaurant in Kiev

Are you looking for a really good restaurant with delicious and quality food? Is it important for you not only a good dinner or lunch, but also the atmosphere of the establishment? Then visit Georgian restaurant on Vasilkovskaya. It is here that you will find a comfortable and cozy room, unique dishes, polite and friendly staff and the most delicious and delicious delicacies.

Features of the Georgian House
We are always happy to welcome guests and we have something to surprise you!  Upscale Georgian Restaurant пprepared for you traditional dishes, drinks and sweets of a beautiful mountain country. Only after entering our unique institution, each visitor can plunge into the unique atmosphere of the Georgian pearl. The interior and decor elements in the hall will help you plunge into the culture of this colorful and picturesque country, feel the color of Georgia , its freedom-loving and open people and traditions. Comfortable furniture, soothing colors and furnishings are conducive to relaxation and peace.

The friendly and polite staff is ready to provide you with the necessary assistance, take into account your personal wishes and create the maximum comfort for you. Highly qualified chefs, taking into account all the necessary sanitary norms and rules, create real gastronomic masterpieces. They know firsthand what exactly should be real Georgian food. A magnificent presentation, the participation of aromatic and fragrant herbs and seasonings make the look of dishes simply amazing. You should definitely try a variety of sauces that help emphasize and reveal the true taste of meat, vegetables and side dishes.

Having visited our institution, you will certainly want to come to us again!

Goodies of the Georgian House
Each guest of our restaurant can choose their favorite dish. An extensive menu offers a variety of goodies, both regular and seasonal. We offer:

1. A wide selection of delicious first courses.
2. Side dish
3. Deli meats.
4. Very tasty salads.
5. Various slices.
6. Meat dishes at the stake.
7. Vegetable goodies.
8. Appetizing pastries.
9. Delicate and light desserts.
10. National drinks and much more.

We suggest you to try various refreshing and strong drinks, cocktails and, naturally, noble Georgian wines.

We value and respect our guests, the chef prepares his “compliments” for the visitors, and the waiters cherish your peace and comfort. We always have something to surprise and please you. We are waiting for you!