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Wine red or white?

Wine red or white?

Is the wine red or white?

Georgian wine, just like cuisine, for many centuries it has remained an original cultural heritage, to which the Georgians and fans of the Caucasian culture relate with awe. Many remember the times of perestroika, when kilometer-long lines were lined up for a bottle of Kindzmarauli to enjoy it at a wedding or on New Year's. Now it is in abundance, not like twenty years ago. A big plus of our time is that the quality of wines is controlled at the legislative level and each wine has an approved technology that allows it to be made only from a particular grape variety and in a strictly defined region. The peculiarity of Georgia is that you will not find those grape varieties that are grown on its territory in Europe. In addition, they distinguish cooking technology. If in Europe, winemakers separate the pulp from the juice and the wine roams in wooden barrels, then in Georgia this happens in clay vessels of kvery. Many who have at least once encountered a choice of wine in Georgian dishes know how difficult it is to find the right one to reveal the whole bouquet of the taste of the dish itself, and there is an indelible impression on the restaurant itself. In anyway, the Georgian feast is not complete without wine. Here the question arises WHICH? white or red? Dry or semi-sweet?


If you are a khinkali fan who Georgian House  cooked with special love, then special attention should be paid to dry white Patzeliteli . This is a grape variety whose wine is suitable for many traditional dishes. Georgian cuisine. For preparations made from khachapuri yeast dough (Adjarian, Mingrelian, Imereti), in which there is a lot of cheese, Imereti variety Tsolikauri < is suitable. It also goes well with Kartli Chinuri .

If you divide the wines into two camps " Reds " and got White " , with the first great game, poultry, nuts and vegetables - Khvanchkara ; barbecue and spicy dishes are advised Mukuzani, Saperavi ; desserts and fruits reveal taste with Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni . With the “whites” in the gastronomic tandem the bird and spicy cheese with Rkatsiteli will be successful; fish and phali - Tsinandali ; goat cheese, poultry and fish - Alaverdi < .

harmony of tastes Georgian cuisine  in combination with perfectly selected wine they will be able to give you those feelings that are unlikely to be found in any other cuisine in the world, because in a Georgian restaurant  Georgian House, apart from the authenticity of the dishes, they are prepared with love.