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Schedule: 11:00 - 23:00
Kyiv, str. Vasylkovska, 36
Delivery and booking:

Delivery of khachapuri in Kiev!

Georgian restaurant Georgian House

Georgian restaurant "Georgian House"

In the center of Kiev opened family Georgian restaurant Georgian House.

The Georgian House appreciates and adheres to centuries-old family Georgian traditions, which was reflected in the interior, kitchen and staff of the Georgian restaurant. In the restaurant Georgian House you will hold both a business meeting and a family holiday,  birthday and even have a children's day with an unforgettable and informative master class “Do it yourself khinkali”, “Khachapuri do it yourself” from our chefs who will tell the secrets of their beloved Georgian cuisine.

The pride of the Georgian restaurant Georgian House , unsurpassed khinkali, cooked in the best Georgian traditions. Khachapuri with real Georgian temperament that will not leave you indifferent. BBQ menu   cooked on an open fire, the dishes of which will win the hearts of even the most sophisticated gourmets.

To complement and brighten up a romantic dinner in a Georgian restaurant, real Georgian wine will help, the choice of which can be found in this article "Red or white".

Georgian restaurant Georgian House is located in Kiev (right bank) st. m. Leo Tolstoy, st. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya 36 (the old name of the street is Krasnoarmeyskaya 36)

Georgian House offers freeGeorgian food delivery   in Kiev, and if you want to plunge into the atmosphere of Georgia completely, you can book a table.

We value each guest, your every word is important to us. Do you have any comments or want to say thanks to our restaurant?